Lake Morey 2019 Education Weekend Wrap-Up!

From Left to Right-Presenter James Waslawski, AMTA President Christopher Deery, AMTA VT President Suzan Seymour, AMTA VT Board Member Jennifer Smith Findley and Teaching Assistant Robert Fiorentino


Thank you to everyone who attended our VT AMTA 2019 Education Weekend Getaway at the beautiful Lake Morey Resort. It is always exciting to spend quality time learning new things and meeting new people. It is also a privilege to share the splendor of Vermont with our fellow therapists from Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Thank you all for traveling to join us for this fantastic event.

The VT AMTA Chapter was proud to offer multiple outstanding options for continuing education this year. James Waslawski presented a two-day workshop on Orthopedic Techniques for the Upper Body, Annie Powell presented the World Skin Project, Deep Feet Ashiatsu was presented by Karen Harmon and as an added bonus, AMTA President Christopher Deery presented The Factors of Flexibility and a complimentary Ethics course open to all. Being able to have so much knowledge in one place that literally covered topics from head to toe was the mission of our board of volunteers this year and it was unquestionably accomplished.

The weekend wasn’t just about education, though. It was a chance to relax with our colleagues and take a little time to mingle, enjoy a travelers’ massage and laugh out loud with the MOTH inspired story telling and comedy show. Stories were shared from students and seasoned therapists with the theme being “first time” in relation to the topic of massage. Those who shared were hysterical and the comedy stylings of Suzan Ambrose and Annie Powell were icing on the cake.

Speaking of cake, a well-deserved thank you to the folks at Lake Morey for the incredible food they provided to us all. Waking up to fresh coffee and a breakfast buffet was the best way to prepare for a full day of learning and the gourmet lunches were extraordinary. As always, the staff was exceptional, courteous and accommodating of our guests and special menu requests.

In addition to the stellar education, entertainment and food, we had four amazing vendors this year. Thank you to The Vermont Hemp Company, DG Bodyworks, Dan Maxon from Turtle Drums and Gretchen Dehart Stained Glass. From clothing and drums to stained glass and locally made massage products, there was something for everyone. And if a real bargain was what you were looking for, our White Elephant Sale did not disappoint. Thank you to all who donated items for the sale. Your generosity supports our chapter in offering a scholarship to this annual event.

Your Vermont AMTA chapter is already hard at work planning for 2020 and cannot wait to see you all again next year. Thank you for joining us and for your valuable feedback from the weekend. We are reviewing everyone’s comments and looking forward to making this event bigger and better. As always, if you would like to be involved in making next year happen, please contact us at any time. Volunteers are welcome in any capacity, so if you have skills and ideas to share, we’d love to hear from you.