Board of Directors and Chapter Volunteers

Contact Us:

Phone: 802.552.0217
AMTA Vermont Chapter, PO Box 452, Hyde Park, VT 05655


Board of Directors Volunteers:


Suzan Seymour – President

Hannah Rohloff – Board Member


Denise Gebroe – Board Member



Rachelle Ackerman –  Financial Administrator

Heather Chadwick – Secretary


Committee Chairs and Chapter Volunteers:

Education Chair – Melissa Marks


Communications Chair – Suzan Seymour

Membership Chair – Hannah Rohloff

Membership Chair Committee- Bill Blaiklock

Public Relations Chair – Suzan Seymour

Government Relations Chair – Melissa Marks

Government Relations Committee-Maureen Slayton

Sports and Events Chair – Denise Gebroe
Sports and Events Committee Volunteers – Andréa Altman and LynnAnn Prom

Electronic Communications Coordinators – Suzan Seymour, Mandy Bates

Newsletter Editors – Melissa Marks, Hannah Rohloff, Suzan Seymour

Assembly of Delegates  – Jennifer Smith Findley and Denise Gebroe