About Us

The AMTA Vermont Chapter is a group of dedicated volunteer professional massage therapists working to advance the public’s understanding of the profound benefits of the massage therapy profession.  By furthering health and wellness within our communities, we strive to collaborate with other health care practitioners so all can benefit from the results of Massage Therapy. 
Our board of directors meets quarterly and elections are at our annual meeting in November. We encourage our membership to participate in our meetings! If you have input, please contact any of our board members on the contact page.
Our Mission: To advance the profession of Massage Therapy by educating the community on the benefits of massage and providing continuing education to members while maintaining a professional approach balancing body, mind, and spirit.


Contact Us:

By Phone: 802.552.0217
Snail Mail: AMTA Vermont Chapter, PO Box 452, Hyde Park, VT 05655


Board of Directors Volunteers:12244833_1055999637753924_4341350135880637723_o

 Suzan Seymour – President

Hannah Rohloff – Board Member

Denise Gebroe – Board Member

Rachelle Ackerman – Financial Administrator

Heather Chadwick– Secretary10385421_871764122844144_3256886300566696314_n

Communications Chair – Hannah Rohloff, Suzan Seymour, Melissa Marks

Membership Chair – Hannah Rohloff

Public Relations Chair – Suzan Seymour

Government Relations Chair – Melissa Marks

Government Relations Committee Volunteer – Maureen Slayton

Sports and Events Chair – Denise Gebroe

Electronic Communications Coordinator – Hannah Rohloff, Suzan Seymour, Melissa Marks1908469_871764016177488_7887150801976041565_n

Newsletter Editor – Hannah Rohloff, Suzan Seymour, Melissa Marks

House of Delegates RepresentativeJennifer Smith Findley and Denise Gebroe

Chapter History…

On August 4, 1986, the Vermont Chapter was started as a new chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association. The first meeting was located in Woodstock, Vermont. It was called to order at 9:10 am by Ray Moriyasu who was the Eastern District Director of the AMTA.

Ray started by welcoming Vermont to the AMTA. He then spoke of the upcoming 4th annual New England Conference being held in Portland, Maine. He emphasized the strong educational benefits of attending the conference. It was also discussed that the chapter needs to send two delegates to this conference and the National Convention. They would usually be the President and the Secretary/Treasurer. A fundraiser was going to be planned to send our delegates.

Transfering of membership from surrounding states was next discussed. It was not necessary to do it right away, but it was recommended. The whole reason for starting the chapter was so we could meet in Vermont with other therapists.
Each state forms its own policies, so they next had to decide when and how often to meet, and when the board should get together.

Next, Officers were elected. Our first President was E. Holliday Kane of Montpelier for a 2 year term. First V-P was Pat Granger of Montpelier for 1 year, Second V-P for 1 year was Janet Van Arsdale of East Arlington, Third V-P for 1 year was Bonnie Walker of Putney, Treasurer for 1 year was Christine Clarke of Dorset, and Acting Secretary was Janet Van Arsdale. A permanent secretary would be needed soon.

Committees were next discussed. Vice Presidents will all chair committees and duties will be delegated by the President. If an officer can’t finish a term, the other officers will move up or new ones will be appointed. Ray then presented the President and Treasurer with a start-up check of $100 and would arrange for our portions of dues to be sent to us from the other chapters that our members had once belonged.

Legislative committee was then discussed at large. The National committee at the time was Ruth Ann Hobbs of Indiana, Sherry Glover of Texas, Marlies Uhtenwoldt of Massachussetts, Eva Graf also of Massachussetts, and Shirley Hooker of New Hampshire. They wanted to immediately set up a legislative committee and were going to ask the membership that was interested to join. The business part of the meeting was then closed and Ray did an educational seminar on Sotai.